Tips for Buying Menstrual Cups

menstrual cup.

Choosing a menstrual cup can be overwhelming and daunting task. When choosing a menstrual cup, one needs to consider the firmness of the cup, menstrual flow and cervix height. One can know the size of the cervix through inserting an index finger in the reproduction part. If you find the whole finger in, it mean you have high cervix. If the finger in the second knuckle it means you have medium height cervix. In addition, if you get you get your finger in the first knuckle, it means you have low cervix. The height of your cervix changes through your cycle, so it essential to check the size close to your periods. If one has low cervix, one is advised to choose a shorter menstrual cup. Women with high size of cervix, it is important for them to select long menstrual cup. Those with medium height cervix will have many choice of Soft Sup to choose from.

When choosing menstrual cup, one should consider the firmness of the menstrual cups. It is important to choose a firmer menstrual cup if do a lot of exercise. However, some women feel not comfortable when wearing firmer menstrual cup. If one has an issue with gall bladder, it is important to choose menstrual cups that are softer. Softer menstrual cups are simple to insert and do not pop open effortlessly or stay open if one has strong muscles.

When purchasing Femmycycle menstrual cup, one should consider the menstrual flow. If one has a heavy menstrual flow, one need to choose a cup with higher capacity of holding the flow. Many companies producing menstrual brands suggest small cups should used by women under thirty or those who do not have children. If one is below thirty years and have heavy flow one should consider purchasing a larger menstrual cup. It is advisable if one has never used menstrual cup before it is advisable for her to start using shorter one. Girls who are not sexually active if find it easier to use smaller size menstrual cups.

Most company that produces menstrual cups recommends the women with children should use larger one. This because women with babies the wall of the reproductive part stretches .when purchasing menstrual cup, one should consider the prices. Most women consider buying menstrual cups as a basic monthly expense. Low income women may have difficult purchasing pads. Purchasing menstrual cups help one save money if properly cared for.



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